what payment types do you accept?
PayPal only in USD (United States Dollar). To get things started, a minimum of half(50%) of project cost is due up front and the second half is due upon project completion before any deliverables are sent. Please note that any listed prices do not reflect taxes and/or processing.
How long will it take to complete my order?
Depends on what you need and current work volumes. Ask for details.
Can you put a rush on my order?
Yes. Current work volumes will determine just how much your order can be rushed. please note that project cost is also doubled. Ask for details.
What do you mean by "design needs and complexity" and why does it affect your price?
Not all commissions are created equally. Different software, techniques and skills are needed to realize different creative visions. Some of these are more specialized and time-consuming than others WHICH CAN affect your quote from any listed prices. Ask for details.
What is your emote and badge design process like?
each design is shared with you from the earliest sketch stage, where as many changes as necessary can be made. once the design's line art is approved, it is locked down and painted, upon which changes are limited only to color adjustments.
What if I need something that’s not listed in your pricing?
Let’s talk! Chances are it can be done.
Can I update or modify my previous commission?
Updates incur a fee depending on what the item and the update to it is. Ask for details.
Will you make some music to go with my intro or stinger?
Sound effects are added to every animation that requires them, but music needs to be licensed from a third party. Ask for details.
can i re-purpose my emote, sub badge, or other designs for merch?
merchandise or retail rights can be purchased for an additional fee per item. logos do not require additional merch or retail rights fees as they are included in the price. rights for portfolio display and self-promotion are retained for any work rendered by explosivo.
Will you deliver the original source files used to create my commission?
source files can be delivered for an additional fee that depends on what you have commissioned. Ask for details.
Will you help me set up or upload my commissioned designs?
links to resources for technical help that’s specific to your platform can be provided if necessary, but setup services outside of occasional special cases are not typically offered.
My commission was denied or taken down on my platform. Can I have a refund?
No. All sales are final and no amounts are refundable. Please check with your platform or community’s guidelines first to make sure that what you are commissioning is permitted.